The Story of the Game

Mikael tells the story of the game:

The mantras started out as a way to handle a difficult time in my life. Unexpectedly, I got Lyme disease and developed an anxiety disorder as a consequence.

I practiced Yoga Nidra and shamanic meditations to keep the anxiety down. A major change came when I began to do mindfulness meditation in nature. Spending time in the woods and by the sea, I used mantras such as:

I am present
I am conscious
I exist here and now

This worked well for me, and the anxiety eased a bit.

With time, I came to experience moments of calm, relaxation and joy. Being in nature is healing in itself, but the mantras worked to connect me with nature, my body, and my existence in the present. This helped me to get out of my trublesome "thought bubble" filled with stress and worries.

This practice developed over several years, and one day I got the idea to do a meditation card game.

Initially, I was hesitant to do a game about meditation, because I felt meditation should be done without artifacts. However, as I began to prototype the cards, I started to like them. I used them by myself and with my partner, and I also gave them to my friends.

Many of us experience stressful times. It is my hope that the practice of stepping out of your thought world and connecting with your physical presence will help you to find the power to change your life — and ultimately change society itself to be more balanced, loving and caring.

Don't let fear and worry rule your life. Step out of the fearful, aggressive mind. Let go of your dislikes and critical judgements. This can help you to become more grounded, stronger, and more content with yourself.

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