How to Play

Ancient Mantras is a meditation game. With this game you get to meditate with your friends and experience a different way of being together.

Each card in the game has a mantra — a short phrase that affects your mind. To play the game, you pick a card and say the mantra. Say it, or think it, for about a minute or longer

You can use the mantra cards by yourself or together with friends and family. When meditating with others, you take turns to pick a card and read the mantra. (The card game comes with instructions for how to do this.)

The cards invite you to take a break from the never ending thought loop. They present an opportunity to relax and ground yourself in the present now.

Ancient Mantras is unlike any other game you may have seen. There is no scoring. But there is a challenge. Meditating can feel a bit alien and uncomfortable at first. The challenge is to keep going and not give in to your preconceptions and critical judgements.

This is a game that invites you and your friends to take a break from trublesome thoghts, stress, and worries. The game offers calm, relxation, presence, joy and harmony. It offers freedom from having to perform.

It is not that meaningful to try to understand or analyse this game intellectually. You need to practice to get a taste of being in a different state of mind. Then you can appreciate the deeper aspets of this game.

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