The Power of Mantras

Ancient Mantras is a meditation card game. The purpose of the mantra cards is to get in touch with the present. That is, to step out of the thinking mind and experience the physical reality that is here and now.

Meditation Explained

Meditation is the practice of focusing your awareness. You can meditate by focusing on external and internal images, sounds, body sensations, and so on.

To meditate is to step out of your thinking mind and have a break from your daily thoughts, and experience a different state of awareness. Meditation can provide relief from troublesome thoughts, stress and worries. For many, that is why they meditate.

You can meditate anywhere. You don't have to sit in any special position. You can sit on a rock, walk or swim, whatever you find works for you. There are many meditation practices and systems, each advocating certain practices, but the basic principle is to focus your awareness.

The mantra cards help you to meditate by redirecting your awareness to the present.

It is not really meaningful to try to understand meditation intellectually. You need to practice to get a taste of what it is like. It is about experiencing your reality in a different and richer way.

Playing the card game is a subtle experience. You have to make room for that experience to appreciated it. Meditation is a practice that needs to be cultivated.

How Mantras Work

A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated to achieve calm, relaxation, insight, clarity, or other conscious states. What we repeat tend to stick in our minds. It becomes part of our subconscious, like a habitual pattern.

The mantra cards are designed to let you have a break from your analytical and emotional mind and experience a "neutral" state of presence. By that is meant a state of being that is is free of critical judgements, likes and dislikes. It is a state of connectedness — with your body and your surroundings.

By repeating the mantras, together with others or by ourselves, we can gradually become more present and grounded in our lives. We can find calm and stability, also in difficult and stressful situations.

Using the mantra cards reprograms your mind and open up new realities. The cards are a powerful consciousness device.

Ancient Knowledge

The mantra cards draw from practices with ancient roots, such as Yoga Nidra and Tantra. A common teaching in those practices is awareness of the present — by directing your focus to what is here and now.

Another important source is shamanic practices. In particular, awareness of the Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Shamanism has very ancient roots, going far back in human prehistory. We do not know much about meditative practices in prehistoric times, but cave paintings and various archeological findings hint at early human cultures being closely connected to nature and to the spiritual realm.

Living in a setting free from massmedia, commercials, social media, and smartphones, we can imagine that our ancestors experienced reality in a different way than we do today, likely radically different.

Ancient Mantras is set out to make consciousness-based practices available to people living in our modern society. The goal of the mantra cards is to reduce stress, and experience calm and existential joy, in an accelerated and highly technological world.

But Ancient Mantras also presents another, more far-reaching opportunity.

Meditating on your physical presence is like entering a time machine that allows you to get a glimpse of how our ancient ancestors may have experienced life. That is, experiencing what it was like to be truly connected with nature and your own existence — being present in a reality where the physical and spiritual realms were blended into one and the same.

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