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The Ancient Mantra meditation game is developed and marketed by Mikael Kindborg.

Mikael has a background from research and development, and has a PhD in Computer Science and Visual Programming. Mikael has a life-long interest in meditation and consciousness.

Mikael is a certificed Rosen Method Movement Teacher. He has also practiced Yoga Nidra and shamanic teachings and meditations. Mikael integrates these experiences in his work with the Ancient Mantras meditation game.

As a Rosen Movement Practitioner and Teacher, Mikael has studied the role of words when teaching a movement class. Certain instructions generate greater flow and lightness of movement than others. Mikael published the results of his studies in the article Rosen Movements and Words in the Rosen Method International Journal, Volume 6, Issue 1, 2013.

The Ancient Mantras logotype represents the Unification of Man and Woman.

The logotype was created by Gösta Lindwall, who is a professional illustrator. Gösta can be contacted at: gostalindwall.se

Mikael Kindborg and Gösta Lindwall work together on a related project on Ancient Mysteries and Consciousness. They have authored the book Tale of a Sunken City.

Several people have inspired the development of the game in various ways.

Ellinor Thidholm has contributed with her insight and knowledge about Yoga Nidra and the Nature of Love.

Lennart Mogren, the creator of the WordGame language learning game, is a living source of inspiration and insight into human consciousness.

Darryl Guy and Naysha Silva, shamans at Taita Inti, have inspired the mantra meditation pratice in many ways, including the connection to the Four Elements.

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